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Undercontrol Credit Management specialises in collecting difficult debts. You deserve to be paid, and we make it happen. 


Your Credit Manager works under Your Company name, making “those calls” to proactively follow-up with your debtors so you get paid and keep your client. We can operate out of your Christchurch office or from ours, wherever suits you best.


 So you keep your profit, Undercontrol can update your Terms and Conditions so they are professional and relevant in today’s market. We ensure the debt collection costs are passed onto your debtors.

Your business may have effective debt collection processes, with just the odd debtor who gives you a headache and frustrates you when it comes to collecting their payment. Undercontrol can deal with these clients effectively and in a timely manner to get you the desired result.


 We provide you with regular feedback and guide you through the debt collection process while making recommendations on the most cost effective action to take. 


With over 40 years’ collective experience in the debt collection industry Undercontrol knows what makes people tick and how to engage with them. We’ve been known to use chocolate, coffee, and other treats to collect debts from around Christchurch, New Zealand and overseas! 


If necessary, we have no problems being more persuasive, and we take great pride in collecting debts from some people and companies others said were impossible. 


 We love a challenge and when we take over your debt collection, you can file difficult debtors as "Undercontrol!” By letting go of your debt collection worries you can get back to doing what your business does best. 






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