Do You Need To  Improve Your Cashflow?


Undercontrol Credit Management can provide specialist advice on improving your Debtors ledger.


An Undercontrol Credit Manager will be assigned to your business, and will take the time to understand you and your needs. Working under Your Company name, they will collect your outstanding debts and keep you updated at every stage.


We can help you improve and recommend ways to maintain a tidy debtors ledger. We come in, clean up, get everything under control and get out, unless you decide you need this service on a regular basis.


Undercontrol Credit Managers only work the hours you require, to ensure unpaid accounts are followed up and paid. Giving control to Undercontrol allows you to focus on and develop your business, knowing there is someone dedicated to chasing your money.



How would it feel to only pay for the hours that it takes to do the job. No holiday pay, No ACC, No employment contracts, No costly overheads!


In your business, you operate to make a profit. At the end of the day, the one area that can prevent this from happening for you is poor credit management. You can have the best sales on record, however it is not a qualified sale until the account is paid. Often businesses add the role of debt collection to admin, and find the person HATES making those calls. They give this task low priority, put it off and often do not do it well.


Debt collection should never be mixed with sales, especially if you are looking to keep your clients and grow your business.


We have team of Credit Managers who dedicated to collecting your debts.


Undercontrol Credit Managers work under your name and become part of your team. We’re based in Christchurch, and can work on or off site, depending on your need. Our hours and services are determined by your requirements, and you will always maintain control of your business.


Let Undercontrol Credit Management give you peace of mind! We can manage your debtors and creditors, improve cash flow and get your ledger Undercontrol. For a free, no-obligations meeting to see how your business could run better, Contact Undercontrol Credit Management today.


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