In today's market, it is very clear that if you are not phoning for your money you will not get paid. Why be a bank to other businesses that then operate at your expense?


Undercontrol Credit Management can provide you with a fully trained Credit Manager who only works the hours required to collect your unpaid accounts. We can work on-site in your Christchurch office, off site, or wherever is easiest for you. No paying for leave, ACC, holiday pay or day-to-day staff overheads.


When it comes to collecting your money, Undercontrol Credit Management thinks outside the square. Our focus is getting results for your business.


We Collect Your Payment In A Professional & Cost Effective Manner.

We Are Debt Collection With A Difference!


* Your Undercontrol Credit Manager works under your name, as part of Your Company.

* Your clients will see us as your Credit Manager, not an outside agency.

* This role allows Your Company to focus on what you do best.

* We take responsibility for your debt recovery, while at the same time ensuring the current debtors are kept within Your Company's credit structure.


You Maintain Control! 


As part of our process, we ensure your Undercontrol Credit Manager establishes and maintains regular contact. At least once a month they will walk you through your debtors list, and listen to your feedback.  Throughout the process you will always know at what stage each client’s ledger is at.


Results to date have proven the benefits of taking debt collection away from your company sales or service team.


  • Our aim is to maximise your cashflow and to keep your clients.
  • Collectively the Undercontrol team has over 40 years experience in debt collection.
  • We provide a professional, effective and courteous approach to debt  collection.
  • We improve client and company relations through excellent communication.
  • We think outside the square to ensure we get the desired results. We have been known to entice stubborn payers with their favourite chocolate treat, or take a harder line if necessary.
  • By working with Undercontrol Credit Management, you also have the backing of our debt collection department. Sometimes no matter how good you are, there are still those who don't want to pay. Hard action needs to be taken and we are able to follow through on this in a timely manner achieving outstanding results.


For more about improving your company’s credit and cash flow, contact Undercontrol Credit Management today for a free, no-obligations consultation.


Your clients will see us as your Credit Manager, not an outside agency.


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