Checklist For Effective Invoicing:


Date Issued: It is important you have this on your invoice, as your due date will have a time frame. i.e 14 days after date of invoice.


Company Name, Postal Address & Contact Phone Number: This is to reduce the risk of non payment. You need to make it as easy as possible for clients to find your details, so they can call if they have a query regarding the invoice or want to post payment.


Content Of Invoice: Once again, you need full details of the services provided and a description of what you have done. If you have discounted the service or goods in any way, ensure this is detailed. For example, if you have worked 5 hours for a client but only charged for 4, let them see this in the description. This is about being transparent to minimise any queries regarding charges.


GST: If you are registered for GST, ensure you have your GST number  clearly visible on the invoice and also show the GST content.


Bank Account Details And Reference: More and more people prefer to pay via the Internet and this is something you also want to encourage. Make it as easy as possible for clients to find your bank account number on your invoice and also state the reference you would like them to use when paying. this makes it easy for you at the other end when reconciling your payments.


Due Date.  All invoices must have a due date. This is one that reflects your terms and conditions. Different industries have different practises. What needs to be considered is, how long do you want to wait for payment and to be able to follow up non payers.


Terms & Conditions: As part of terms and conditions, you need to state on your invoice if the client defaults on payment, then any interest/collection costs charged will be payable by them. this must be in your businesses terms & conditions in order to do this.  For more information on this, see below under the heading Terms & Conditions.


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